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Using Coupon Codes to Start Breeding Clownfish

By LJ Ortega
February 18, 2009

I am now rushing to buy an aquarium because my daughter successfully nagged our neighbor, her classmate’s dad, into giving her a pair of clownfish to breed. She had been so fixated on having her own “Nemo look-alikes" swimming in our living room for weeks already but I kept telling her that I still needed to find an aquarium that would be conducive to the clownfish before we got them out of our neighbor’s aquarium.

My neighbor already gave me a crash course on breeding clownfish and I got even more stressed that what he’s giving me is a pair of saltwater clownfish that would require a specific level of water salinity to survive. He advised me to look for pet supply promo codes online so I could get the best deal on my aquarium purchases.

I found some coupon codes that offered great discounts. The promo codes instantly caught my interest and I found myself browsing the Aquariums Direct site where I found an attractive lineup of aquariums that I could almost visualize adorning our living room.

One of the aquariums that really caught my eye was the Penta View Triangle Corner, a compact, three-sided, 35-gallon unit that fits even small rooms and provides multiple viewing angles of the aquarium’s interior. Aside from the aquarium itself, the package already includes the stand, canopy, high capacity filter, lighting, extension cord, decorative plants, undergravel filtration and air pump. And if I use an coupon code to purchase this, I’m really getting a great deal for this unit.

I must admit, aside from the initial stress of having so many requirements to creating a healthy environment for a pair of saltwater clownfish, I myself got pretty excited with the thought of breeding more clownfish at home. My neighbor gave me quite a few interesting facts about the clownfish that I would never have deduced from watching the Disney movie Finding Nemo alone.

One such fact is that clownfish are remarkably hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs. Clownfish form small groups that have their own female/male hierarchy. In a group, a clownfish takes on a role of either being a female (the largest and most dominant fish), a sexually mature male, or a neuter (sexually immature fish). If the female dies, the male transforms into a female and everybody moves up the chain of command, i.e. the next highest ranking fish takes on the role of being the sexually mature male after the previous one became a female.

I found this interesting fact quite amusing. My neighbor said that if Finding Nemo chose to stay true to the realities of the clownfish, Nemo’s father would’ve turned into a female after his mother died. But I guess the film producer and writer chose not to show that aspect of the clownfish life for fear of disorienting the movie’s young viewers.

Oh, another interesting fact is that the name of the movie’s lead character was probably derived from the term anemonefish, which is another name for the clownfish because they have a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemone. They are unharmed by the stinging tentacles of sea anemones because a protective secretion covers their body. In fact, they seek refuge in the tentacles of anemones and are protected from other sea predators in the process. In return, they keep their host sea anemone clean from algae and other debris.

My neighbor says the clownfish would really like it if I included a live anemone in the aquarium, but he advised me otherwise because it’s quite difficult to keep an anemone alive in an aquarium setup.

With the impressive briefing I got from my neighbor, I think I’m ready to buy an aquarium and all other necessary accessories to start breeding some clownfish. It’s a good thing that I found some coupons to avail of great discounts in my aquarium purchases.

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