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Have Gourmet Appetizers Shipped Overnight with Coupons

By LJ Ortega
November 14, 2009

I made great use of some coupon codes last week because I had some of the great award-winning gourmet appetizers shipped overnight in time for a small luncheon I organized for a few friends.

It was a potluck luncheon and all the others brought their homemade food. The dishes came in all variety but my appetizers were the most complimented of all. Everybody loved the bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and they just couldn't have enough of it. They were asking me for the recipe but I told them I wasn't the one who cooked them, that I just bought them online and had them delivered using some coupons that offered some great promo deals on a wide range of appetizers to choose from.

My friends couldn't believe that something so sumptuous could be bought online and delivered right at my doorstep. All of them asked me how they could avail of the promo codes because they all wanted to order some appetizers for their family dinners at home.

Gauging from how my friends loved the appetizers I ordered using the discount codes, I had the idea of suggesting the same appetizers for the party we are organizing in the office for our company's anniversary party. I was actually assigned to be in the food committee in charge of anything food-related in the party so I know the rest of my committee members would be happy to hear of my suggestion about especially after I tell them how my friends appreciated the appetizers I ordered using the promotion codes.

I'm actually thinking of ordering another batch of the bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and possibly some other appetizer options so that when I propose the coupons to my fellow food committee members, I would have some real appetizers to present to them. I know that once they get to taste the appetizers I will order, they will agree that it's worth it to order from considering the reasonable price as well as the convenience of ordering it online and having it shipped fresh right on the day of the party.

I can also tell them how much my friends loved the appetizers I ordered and served during the potluck luncheon we had recently. I'm pretty sure we will get the same reaction from people at the anniversary party. I can almost hear our boss commending our committee for a job well done on choosing the most appetizing and delectable dishes.

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