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Coupon Categories Coupon Codes, Coupons and Promotional Codes is the best place for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers to shop for the best gear and equipment for all types of outdoor activities. has been a leading online retailer of outdoor goods from the top brands. The website aims to provide the highest quality outdoor products to promote an active, balanced lifestyle. At, you can find outdoor apparel for men, women, kids and even for pets. The site features high quality gear and equipment for outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing, running, camping, hiking, cycling, climbing, paddling, yoga, and surfing. They also carry some of the most popular brands like Columbia, The North Face, Patagonia, Merrell, Keen, Mountain Hardwear, Arc'teryx, Nike, Timberland, and more.
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Experience an unbelievable outdoor adventure with the top gear and equipment from Shop at and get the best selection of outdoor goods from the top outdoor brands. To save more on your purchases, simply use coupon codes to get awesome deals and promos. Coupon Codes for an Affordable Camping Adventure

By Sam Greene
December 03, 2008

Next week will be a very exciting and busy week for me, because I will finally have my first camping trip. Two weeks from the camping day, I already bought my gear and equipment, which includes a sleeping bag, tent, lighting equipment, first aid kit, cleaning and personal items, and other camping stuff. I got all of these items at a very low price. Thanks to coupon codes, I got discounts and free shipping to lessen my worries, and now, I’m ready to take on this exhilarating escapade.

Camping trips are great for relaxing and getting away from all the stress. To make it even a better trip, there should be proper planning and preparation. Just like what I did last week, I made a camping list for everything I need for next week’s activity. You should always make sure that everything is set and complete. Besides the equipment, food, utensils, and other camping materials, we should always consider the camping site. The location would bring lots of factors in camping activities, such as weather, wildlife, transportation, and possible activities you can employ like hiking, fishing, rafting, or biking.

I always consider the tent as one of the most important part of a camping adventure. When trying to buy a tent last week, the first factor I considered was the space. The room of the tent would determine whether it would bring comfort or not. I also look at the quality and material to make sure that it jives with the camping site’s weather. This would also determine how long it’ll last, so I make sure that it has high quality and can be used for my next camping trip. Lastly, I’m a little slothful when setting up a tent, so I would probably choose the one that is easy to assemble. I shopped online for an Emerald Mountain tent and luckily I found one at and got great deals with coupon codes. I saved a couple of bucks so I also bought a Single Nest hammock.

Camping is a wonderful and healthy activity because you can do a lot of things while camping. Hiking is recreational activity that is really fun. Besides breathing in the fresh nature air, you can also enjoy the sights and sounds of the surroundings. Fishing would also be a great pastime if you want to bond with your friends and family. If you’re into extreme adventure, climbing, kayaking, or rafting is best for you.

Proper planning and preparation for camping would give you more pleasure and enjoyment. Of course, it would always be better if you’re ready and prepared because you’ll never know what will happen during your trip. Safety should always be first on your main concerns. Budgeting would also be best in buying your equipment and food, but with coupons, you know you can really save a lot.

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Shop for the Best Snowboards with Altrec Coupon Codes

By Alexis Andrews
November 12, 2008

Every year, once the cooler temperatures are upon us, we are entranced by visions of us being on a snowy slope, snowboarding flexibly and freely, just like in those Sony PlayStation games we love to play. And as with many things in life, we know that nothing is better than the real thing. If you want to experience the joy of snowboarding, and have decided to shop for that first ever snowboard, then let us help. We have come up with advice, information, and a plethora of snowboard offerings from Altrec (as well as Altrec coupon codes) to guide you in your all-important first snowboard purchase.

Before anything else, determine which of the three different types of snowboarding will suit you best: freestyle, free ride, or race? It is important that you think carefully about the kind of riding that you want to do. Free ride boards, which balance speed with tricks, are for when you want to hit the terrain parks and strut your stuff with great flexibility. Freestyle boards, meanwhile, is for the showy and exciting style of riding that you often see on TV – completing with fast, easy maneuvers and tricks in the half-pipe, jumps, and rail slides. Lastly, race snowboards are those who feel the need for speed; they are longer and narrower than the other two kinds and, while not designed for tricks, can get you going at the speed of light.

Also consider factors such as the length, flex, and width of your snowboard. If you have a skinny frame, go with a shorter snowboard; this means one that is below the chin. If you are a bit on the heavy side, opt for a snowboard that is longer, preferably one that is above the eyes. Most people, however, choose medium-sized snowboards – one which stands just above the chin and below the eyes. A snowboard’s flex affects your turning capabilities, and it’s up to you whether you want a stiff or soft one. Soft snowboards turn at lower speeds and vibrate on faster rides; stiff snowboards turn better at fast turns but don’t offer as good a control. Width, lastly, should be decided based on the size of your feet. The smaller the size of your feet, the better to choose a board that is narrow.

Altrec ( has a wide variety of snowboards and snowboard accessories for you, produced by leading manufacturers such as Burton and Ride. It is, after all, a store that shares your passion for the sports and outdoors, and understands the enthusiasm that explorers, adventurers, and snowboarders all have. With Altrec coupon codes, you can save money on your purchases – whatever the price range of your budget is (they have snowboards from $30 to $300). You can also choose to use the coupon codes to avail of exclusive discounts, free shipping offers, and other money-saving deals online. After all, shopping for a snowboard can be an easy and free ride, if you know how and where to look.

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Indulging the Outdoor Adventurer in Me With Online Deals

By Alexis Andrews
September 30, 2008

I love the outdoors. Every month or so I meticulously plan an adventure that I haven’t yet gone on: white water rafting, a quiet hike by myself, mountain climbing, multi-day marathon and long-distance running, snowboarding, kayaking. Last month I camped for several days in the Amazonian wilderness, away from civilization. I haven’t made a decision yet on what I am going to do this month, but I will certainly indulge the outdoor adventurer in me, what with terrific online deals from

The terrific thing about Altrec is that their team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts like me, explorers and adventurers who know how to have a good time and what they need for it. They also supply what I think is the best outdoor clothing and equipment today. So if there’s anything I might need for an adventure, I know that I don’t have to look anywhere else.

Should I go camping and hiking? If I wanted to plan for that, I need only to look up the Altrec website to help me with my requirements. They carry a wide selection of the top and most trusted brands, such as The North Face, Osprey, Arcteryx, MSR, and Mountain Hardware. The store also has plenty of options for hiking boots, hats, backpacks, sleeping bags and sleeping pads, head lamps, stoves, water filters, camping tents, electronics (like GPS and satellite messengers), and jackets to weather any potentially mischievous weather.

Or ought I take a trip to the beach? Altrec has an extensive selection of clothing products and accessories to make me look good on the shores or in the water. With sandals, sunglasses, casual shoes, shorts, rash guards, hats, swim suits, bags, and other such accessories from brand like Hurley, Billabong, Roxy, Oakley, and Water Girl (for when I have a lady with me), I am sure that I won’t run out of choices for good beach trip online deals.

Or maybe I should go mountain climbing. The satisfaction of reaching the peak is worth the challenge. Only, I have to be fully and appropriately equipped, for climbing requires specialized gear that are essential for any adventurer. Luckily, Altrec has climbing harnesses from brands like Black Diamond and Mammut; climbing helmets from Petzl; climbing ropes that focus on mountaineering, alpine, ice, traditional climbing, and sport climbing; footwear from Sportiva, Nepal, Trango, Five.Ten, and Boreal; as well as climbing protection that include products such as quickdraws, hexes, stoppers, and first aid kits.

Of course, Altrec also has an offering of products and accessories if I decided to go on another snowboarding adventure. In that case, I would need innovations from top brands such as Burton, Ride, Salomon, and many more. Whether it’s for jackets, goggles, gloves and mittens, snowboard boots, pants, hats, and impact shorts, I can easily take a look at the selection of online deals from the store for most of my snowboarding-related purchases. And I know that whatever path I choose, Altrec will be there to help me along the way.

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