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   Alibris (pronounced “uh-LEE-briss”) was founded in 1998 to help people find hard-to-find books, music, and movies. Since then, it has become the premier online retailer for independent vendors of new and used books, music, and movies. People who have rare and collectible titles that they’re looking to sell also find that they can find reliable buyers on the site. Dedicated to bridging the gap between the people who love books, music, and movies and the thousands of independent sellers around the world, Alibris implements proprietary technology and advanced logistics to offer more than 100 million used, new, and out-of-print books to consumers, libraries, and retail business partners.
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Discover rare book finds without spending top dollar with Alibris coupons. Indulge your inner book lover and load up on classics, bestsellers and even rare and hard to find books easily at the Alibris site, then use Alibris promotional codes to avail of special lowered prices and save money in the process.

Finding Bargain Books with Alibris Coupons

By LJ Ortega
November 13, 2009

I'm thinking of using the Alibris coupon codes I found in buying an astronomy book to give to a cousin of mine whom I have influenced to be a stiff-necked stargazer like me. I found the Alibris coupons a couple of days ago and was reserving it for a book I wanted to buy for myself, but when I realized that my cousin's birthday is coming up I knew I can make better use of the great discounts I will avail of using the Alibris promo codes.

My cousin know how much a stiff-necked stargazer I was and how I marveled at anything that had to do with the night sky's beautiful sparkling jewels. When we were young, I used to spend my vacations at her family's home. We spent many nights lying down on their lawn and I would point the constellations out to her and tell her mythological stories about why the warrior Orion, who was gallantly fighting the bull constellation Taurus next to him, couldn't be seen in the same sky with the scorpion Scorpius or why the constellations Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Perseus and Pegasus are near each other.

At first, my cousin was amazed at how much I knew about constellations and how I named most of the visible stars as if they were my closest friends. But she soon enjoyed my storytelling and just let me introduce to her the wonderful story of the night sky as I gathered from my voluntary readings of so many astronomy books.

My cousin once arranged a trip to the Griffith Observatory for me during one meteor shower schedule I talked to her about. I couldn't thank her enough for the wonderful experience of letting me watch the meteor shower at such great vantage point, but she said it's also something she wanted to see because she got curious of all my talk about the stars and the upcoming meteor shower.

And so, needless to say, I have successfully transformed my cousin into a stargazer and astronomy enthusiast like me. She has borrowed some of my star maps and astronomy books and even asked where she could buy a set of astronomy books for herself.

I told her I often wait for book sales and other promo deals so I could save on my book purchases. I remember her constantly asking me about any book sale I know of so she could look for some astronomy books, so I know she will be happy when I give her an astronomy book for her birthday.

It will be very convenient for me if I buy the book using the Alibris discount codes because not only will I be saving money on my purchase, I can also have it shipped so I don't have to be hassled with going out to pick up my order and paying for it upfront. I can all do it online and just wait for the birthday gift which I know my cousin will surely appreciate.

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