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   1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC. was born when Jim McCann, the company’s founder and CEO, opened his first flower retail store in 1976. This store quickly blossomed into a chain of fourteen flower shops situated all around the New York metropolitan area, but it was in 1986 that 1-800-FLOWERS truly took off. This was the year McCann acquired the 1-800-FLOWERS number and changed his business name to 1-800-FLOWERS®. Over the next few years the company expanded into other retail channels, taking advantage of the then-new retail medium of the world wide web by launching its very own website,, in 1995. Today, the site is allied with other web giants such as AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!. More than 30 years since its inception, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc. is still going strong, drawing on a reputation for excellent customer service and unparalleled fresh flowers. The company has also become known for its fine selection of gift baskets, which contain an assortment of high-quality goods – anything from cuddly plush animals to delectable confections to gourmet treats. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® prides itself on being able to offer the best exquisite, florist-designed arrangements which are individually created each day by some of the world's top floral artists. The company also makes sure that these marvelous creations are hand-delivered the same day they are made. This amazing service is available to all clients 24/7. All a customer has to do is "call, click or come in" to avail of gorgeous flowers and gift ideas.
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Any occasion is made more special with flowers, and with 1-800-FLOWERS coupon codes, you can show family and friends you care without worrying about your budget. 1-800-FLOWERS coupons and promotional codes allow you to avail of special discounts on any of the gorgeous arrangements available at the shop, 24/7.

Spend Less to Say It With flowers by Using 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Coupons

By Marian Shepard
January 12, 2010

Sometimes, when words aren't enough, it pays to be able to say it with flowers - or even a basket of them. But gone are the days when every home had a garden where you could pick your own flowers. Today your best bet to get flowers is a gift shop, or a florist, and that can be expensive, unless you're using an online coupon such as the coupons that are so popular among gift-givers.

A good trade off between the increase in price is the increase in the kinds of flowers and the range of bouquets you can have made and shipped directly to your recipient. Flowers grown in and out of season in green houses all over the country, and sometimes even across the continent, are shipped to florists in the United States to meet the ever-growing demand for them. Today you can still find cabbage roses in the shops even in the dead of winter, and your Christmas bouquets aren't limited to holly and poinsettias anymore.

Of course, just being able to give a certain kind of flower doesn't mean that you should. There are unwritten laws of etiquette that surround the whole tradition of flower gifting - but they're pretty vague, and are more suggestions than rules.

Some guidelines define the type of flowers that should be given for certain occasions. For example, some people may think that it's inappropriate to give cheerful flowers like sunflowers to a family who is in mourning, preferring instead that sympathy be expressed in the form of delicate, elegant flowers, usually white in color, such as lilies, white carnations, and gladiolas. For birthdays and anniversaries, it's widely accepted that anything bright and colorful is best; while roses are still universally accepted as a declaration of love and are the flowers of choice for giving to a special someone on romantic occasions.

For situations where there aren't even vague guides to help with flower choices, it's usually best to give flowers based on the recipient's tastes. A simple get-well flower arrangement for a friend, for instance, could consist of flowers of their favorite color, coupled with a gift basket of his or her favorite fruits. If you notice that a business associate likes loud, bold colors in her office or in her clothing, chances are you won't go wrong sending her a large spring bouquet of vibrantly colored blooms. A bonus to this method is that most recipients will think you extra thoughtful for noticing what they like. And of course, your budget will thank you if you choose to avail of the lower prices that you can get with 1-800 coupons, so don't forget to collect a few before you go to the site to order your choice of blooms.

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